Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Last Post!!

I must say I never thought I could learn so much in such a little time. But to my surprise I did. I started the class thinking I would not learn anything and of course I learned alot. The different tasks we had to perform were interesting and I hope to take some other computer classes while I am in college. To all my classmates and Dr. Strange I hope you all have a great summer and I hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The End or Is It?

Well, this is our last week. I cannot honestly say that this class was enjoyable, but classes or life and learning is not always enjoyable or comfortable. I will say that I have learned quite a bit from Dr. Strange. I think that I could really take another one of his courses. He is a challenging instructor to say the least. We all need a good challenge every now and then. Thnaks, Dr. Strange!!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Technology Check

As I have commented on some other posts, it is the end of the semester and it seems like we have covered a lot when it comes to technology in the classroom. We have shared websites, learning tools, and opinions that all relate to new or old technologies that we know affect the classrooms that we teach in, or will be teaching in soon. Although we feel like everything is covered, technology keeps on moving forward and if this blog was constructed again a couple a years from now, there would probably be so much more to talk about. I guess we all will see. Due to this blog I have gained more knowledge about the technology that I will face once I hit the classrooms. I think this is important for not just me, but others that are not so up-to-date on the current technologies that surround us. Even being pretty current when it comes to technology, I have learned some things. This blog was a great learning tool and I'm sure the knowledge I have gained from it will come in handy in the future.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I guess you can say that this class is finally over with. I have learned a lot in this class. Before this class I never knew what a blog was and know I have my very own. I also have my own website. I guess Im finally catching up with technology.

That's a wrap!

It has been a beautiful experience, but everything has an end.Am pretty happy i have made alot of friends in this class and learned so much.All the Dr.Strange has another life not just teaching, he has a flight to catch to Europe.
Anyway i cant ask for more in this class, am just hoping my grade looks good and i willl always remember this class.See ya.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bye Y'all!

I had a lot of fun in this class and I learned a lot! Good luck on the exam and the rest of school. Have a good summer!

Technology isn't always good for the classroom

I think technology in the classroom is a great way to make learning fun and easier to understand, but when the classroom is placed on the makes it way too easy to cheat. Schools are having huge problems when it comes to cheating. It is so easy to type in the topic of your essay on google and find millions of already written papers. Complete science fair projects can be found online with all the information needed, and you can even go to a math site and type in your math homework and get all of the answers. Technology can be a great learning tool, but it can also be an easy way out. Students begin to rely on these things and never actually learn what they need to learn.


I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! Be careful and safe! Don't drive too much; those gas prices are horrendous!

Final Exam

I hope this final exam will go well for me! I'm really hoping that everything I've learned will stick with me. I definately will continue to use spreadsheets though. I've really enjoyed learning about all these things!

Wacky Post! Later Gators!

A picture of a sunset.

Ya'll have a wonderful summer. Good luck with the final exam. I hope to see ya'll in the Fall. This class has been a hoot. Dr. Strange you are funny. I hope to see you in the Fall. Have lots of fun this summer.. PS Control DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD for DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

A picture of a smiley face.

Last and Final Post of the year!!!

I am so excited for this semester to be over with. I decided to take on 3 classes vs 2. Working full-time and going to school 4 nights a week is hard. I made it through and I hope that I can challenge myself to do it again in the fall. I am taking the summer off and enjoying every bit of it. I hope that everyone else is planning on having a fun-filled summer too. I am looking forward to my cruise to Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico in October. I can hardly wait. Well this class has been fun and interesting, but I am glad that it is over with. Hopefully everything that I learned in this class will benefit me later on down the road, when I am teaching. Have a great summer and be safe!!!

Last Post!

This is my last post!!!!!


I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I hope to see you all again next semester!!!!
I must say I have learned so much in this class that I will be able to take with me to the classroom. I have learned how important and beneficial technology in the classroom really is, and how to use different strategies to ensure that my students are provided with the best education. I have enjoyed working with everyone in my class...especially Melanie Wacker, who sits beside me each week, and Joy Lofton, who helps me out when I miss something!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the class this semester and I hope to see many of you again next semester!!

Just a Post

Hey!! This is just a post...I am running out of things to talk about! The past two weeks have been so hectic, and I am just ready for the semester to be over! I hope everyone is doing great in his/her classes, and I wish you all good luck on all of your exams!!


I learned how to create a spreadsheet last week. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, and I can see now how it can be beneficial in the classroom.

*Computers in the Classroom*

Computers are a wonderful addition to learning in the classroom, but they can often be distracting if not monitored correctly. I have encountered certain classrooms in schools that did not monitor their students' access to the Internet, and some students found themselves entertained by X-rated web-sites. This is a terrible incident to occur in the classroom, and all teachers must be sure that these types of web-sites are restricted from student access. However, if used correctly, computers and the Internet can be extremely beneficial to students' learning and gaining experience with research and web-browsing.

~Audio Learning~

I have always considered technology in the classroom to be very beneficial for the students as well as the teachers. Another memory I have from my high school French class is our use of the stereo for audio learning. Instead of always hearing our professor speak French to us and reading the text from the book, we were able to here actual conversations from French people through learning disks. We often took our tests in this manner as well. I found this strategy to be very helpful because not everyone is a visual learner. Many of us benefit more from audio, or from both. Therefore, this technique can be used in other classes as well--not only foreign language courses.

*Letters to France*

I know this probably wouldn't count as technology, but I remember in my high school French class we were required to choose a pen pal from France, and we would exchange letters each week. I found this to be extremely interesting, because not only was I learning the language in a more hands-on and fun way, but I was also building a friendship with someone from another country. Through our letters, we exchanged interesting information and answered each other's questions regarding our own countries, which allowed us to teach each other. I found this experience to be an unforgettable one, and I just thought I would share the idea, because I think it is wonderful to allow students to engage in this type of communication and learning.

Technology isn't always so great in schools

There was an article on about a sophomore in Phoenix, Oregon who was supposed to be doing homework on the internet. Instead of doing his homework in study hall like he was assigned, he was visiting banned sites like He was able to visit these sites even though the school computeres filtered such sites because he had created a Web-proxy from his home that would direct requests for banned sites through a web address we created at home.

It's not like he has committed some horrible crime, but this has become another way for kids to be distracted from what they are supposed to be doing. I like the fact that students have more and more oppurtunities to learn through different ways now, but in this case, technology just seems to have been another thing to distract and take away from learning.

Finally done posting!

Best I can tell we were required to post to the class blog 11 times. This is number 11 for me. But while I have a captive audience I will tell you about a program that Hollingers Island 4th graders have participated in. It is called the Globe Progam. WE have the unique oppurtunity in being within walking distance of Mobile Bay. We were able to walk down to the Bay, take water samples and share information with a classroom from Russia. The students loved it! I wish every MCPSS had the same chance to enjoy this!

This was the Hardest Post

A picture of children in the classroom.

This is the hardest post that we have had to post because we have wrote everything about technology in the classroom. I feel that technology is not only computers but telephones, ipods, and calculators are kinds of technology that children use in the classroom. Telephones can be found on millions of children. A friend of mine was observing a classroom of third graders when a telephone went off. She asked herself "I wonder who's phone that is" and one of the children pulled out a phone and began to talk. Ipods and calculators are a types of technology that children use to ask problems. I feel that calculators are used as a crutch in schools. I also feel that teacher should try to teach without the use of that kind of technology. Good Luck to everyone on the final exam and have a Great Summer.

The Dana is a great tool!

Many Special Ed students have horrible handwriting. My school discovered the Dana by Alpha Smart for this purpose. Occupational Therapy can only do so much for special students with disabilities that impair their motor skills. Sometimes putting things on paper that are legible becomes more of struggle than it's worth and the actual objective falls by the wayside. The Dana is awesome! It has word processing capabilities and can be downloaded into a PC for printing and editing. Check it Out!


Through the years teachers have occasionally used powerpoint as a learning and teaching tool. Not only does it use technology to enhance learning, it does so in an organized manner. Students will usually pay more attention to a lecture if the lecture involves using electronic devices. With electronics being such a big part of life in today's world, it is important to incorporate such things into the classroom to modernize the way we learn. Powerpoint can help do this to the classroom. Some people may say it would take too much work to prepare a presentation for every day, but once you make it once, the next time you have to teach it, you will already have something to present.

Small Group Tutoring

Our school is a Title 1 school. We have many students who require intervention. We provide afterschool tutoring and transportation at no cost to parents. This website was used with our reading intervention students and was very beneficial.

Sharing Info

A friend of mine at school shared thiswebsite with me. It is from Houghton Mifflin, who publishes textbooks and is similar to Scott Foresman's Success Net site. There is a section for reading and math and also learning games.

Making Math Fun

My school uses an online intervention program for Math. Students can access it individually from their classrooms and at home. Teachers can also take class groups and teach lessons on the labs' computers. The students often ask to use the site during free time, which shows that they enjoy it, and their progress shows that they are improving from it. Scott Foresman which is a textbook and now software publisher has created this site. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One PDA for every one student.

PDAs (portable digital assistants), or handheld computers, are making their way into some schools. In the four schools used in testing, EVERY student has a PDA to call their own. These devices can help students study and do research anywhere, such as the bus ride to school, etc.
I personally don't forsee this happening in every school, but it is a good idea to always have available to every student this great resource. Check out this article to learn more:

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I think that it is so much easier for teachers to be able to use microsoft excel to do their grades. I was able to show my mother how to set up a gradebook on her laptop. Now she doesnt have to stay at school trying to enter in her grades. It has made things alot easier for her. Now she will be able to average her grades for her report cards alot easier.


This past week I learned how to use Excel. Excel is very cool and a fun tool to have. Excel can be used as a address book, grade book, or even used for writing letters. I personally find excel a very easy way to make sure you get things done

Internet a major source in classrooms!!!!

If you don't already know the internet is being used everywhere in the U.S. Students now a days only have to go to the computer lab or computer in there rooms to find information fast. Internet will soon take over the role in classrooms where all the students will only need to just show up to school.

Computer Science Teacher Association

CSTA announced on Apirl 13 that they will collaborate to accelerate computer science and technology skills amoung high school students. IBM and CSTA will provide more than 36,000 teachers with free access to computer science resources in an effort to improve teachers' expertise and help students acquire necessary skills for jobs in the 21 st century. The new resoures are being introduced based on a pilot program involving a half dozen high schools nationwide. With just a few clicks, teachers can access a series of lesson plans, guidebooks and topic overviews to incorporate concepts of computer programmimg and web design into everyday math and science classes.